Project Entry Instructions

Date Received - Enter today's date in DD/MM/YYYY format

Contact Name - Contacts full name

Contact Tel. No. - Best number to call contact on

Contacts Email Address - contact's email address

Company Name - full company name where contact is based

Company Address - office address where contact is based

Job Title - name by which job / project is known

Job Address - full job / project address including postcode

Managed by - there could be 3 parts to this entry, separate each part using a space otherwise searches on sage WILL NOT work
Part 1 - Add initials of person managing job e.g. KP
Part 2 - Add an exclamation mark ! if job needs focus e.g. KP !
Part 3 - Add status if scheme is to be logged with Polypipe e.g. KP ! %Green
%Green if SEL originated scheme
%Amber if a joint venture scheme
%Red is a Polypipe originated scheme

Sector - Select jobsector from drop down list

Project Log

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