For nearly 20 years SEL have assisted Architects, Consultants, Engineers and Contractors throughout the UK in overcoming in ground problems. We have an extensive range of innovative solutions, services and products that could be of assistance, especially if your site has any abnormals within the ground such as high water table, unstable soils, high rock head, shallow outfall, contaminated soils or gassing issues.

Below is a brief summary of SEL’s areas of expertise. SEL offer design, supply and installation packages, install only or supply only to suit your requirements. We can provide technical advice over the phone or full design support. We offer a free review service and have an extensive library of technical information, specifications and DWG CAD details we can provide for your assistance.

You can contact us on 01254 589987 or enquiries@selenvironmental.com

Greenwich Wharf - podium deck drainage

Sustainable Drainage Solutions comprising:-

  • Drainage solutions for housing developments
  • Drainage solutions for commercial developments
  • Permeable paving solutions
  • Car park drainage solutions
  • Podium deck solutions
  • Sports pitch systems for roofs
  • Rainwater control & management
  • Bulk attenuation tanks such as e.g. polypipe polystorm, wavin aquacell, permavoid, etc.
  • Fully welded membranes for ponds, lakes, reedbeds, etc... 
  • SuDS (sustainable drainage systems)
  • Rain gardens
  • Rainwater harvesting
  • Filtabund washdown containment for car dealerships and marinas
  • Equestrian arenas and horse gallop installations

Ashton Campus – New Charter Academy & Samuel Laycock
Virtual Curtain perimeter gas migration barrier

Brownfield Redevelopment solutions to protect against methane, carbon dioxide, radon, hydrocarbons, etc... comprising:-

  • Gas protection systems for all contruction sectors
  • Gas membrane barriers
  • Underslab passive gas dispersal
  • External hard-standing gas dispersal 
  • Passive ventilation
  • Active venting systems 
  • Virtual Curtain gas migration barrier
  • Gas vent trenches
  • Gas migration barriers
  • Landfill liners
  • Leachate & gas collection
  • Landfill remediation / reclamation works

Range of Specialist Products & Components comprising:-

  • Flow control chambers
  • Silt catchpit chambers
  • RWP filter chambers
  • Watertight pipe connectors for attenuation tanks
  • Saddle connectors for soakaway tanks
  • Podium deck chambers
  • HDPE, PP, LDPE membranes
  • Geotextiles
  • Service penetration seals
  • Vent bollards and vent stacks
  • Ventilation void formers / geocomposites
  • Gas collection pipework and fittings

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