SEL Geomembrane Systems

SEL can supply and install a variety of Membrane types and thicknesses to meet the requirements of the wide range of applications where the containment of surface water is required. All our membrane systems offered are installed with welded joints. All installations are completed and paperwork will be provided in accordance with our ISO 9001 on-site CQA,

Membrane Types

SELflex PP geomembrane is a loose laid, geomembrane that can be used as a waterproofing liner for attenuation tanks, balancing ponds, lagoons and reed beds. The membrane can also be used as a gas barrier to protect against Methane and Carbon Dioxide on sites with complex foundation arrangements where a greater degree of flexibility, combined with superior multi-dimensional stability, is required.

Key Features

  • Extremely flexible and easy to lay. 
  • Joints can be integrity - tested. 
  • High Impact Resistance. 
  • High Elongation Properties. 
  • Advantages Large rolls available for reduced installation times. 
  • Narrow rolls available for reduced wastage on smaller schemes. 
  • Full range of ancillary products to ensure that the membrane is gas tight. 
  • Joints should be welded by a qualified installer.


Gas Barrier Membrane

SEL have been providing underslab and external gas barrier membrane systems for more than 15 years. A typical gas barrier system would comprise a 1mm thick robust fully welded gas resistant barrier (essential for construction survivability). All the joints of the gas barrier will be heat sealed using hot air welding equipment and will be tested as part of our ISO 9001 CQA protocol. SEL can also provide passive and active ventilation arrangements.

Lake & Pond Liners 

SEL Lake & pond liners are used where porous soil or a low level water table exists and there is a need to the prevent the loss of water. The SEL lake and pond liner system is able to withstand the rigors of weather.  SEL's liners are able to endure heat fluctuations and freezing temperatures.  This means that our liners will function in every season, regardless of the weather conditions.  Additionally, because SEL is a leader in synthetic material systems, we can also include liner protection by installing protection geotextiles that will provide an extra layer of resistance against puncturing from stones or other sharp terrain embedded objects.

Our 3-Layer SEL lake / pond Lining System Comprises

  • SELtex HD300 protection geotextile
  • SELflex 1.0 PP welded impermeable membrane
  • SELtex HD300 protection geotextile

Lake & Pond Liner features

  • Environmental friendly
  • High puncture resistance
  • Withstands extreme hot/cold weather fluctuations
  • High strength & durability
  • Fish & Plant friendly.
Reed Bed Liners

Reed beds are a biologically proven, environmentally friendly way of treating wastewater, and are often more effective than mechanical wastewater treatment systems. SEL reed bed liners are suitable for everything from secondary to tertairy treatment of mild domestic effluant, to agricultural waste and even heavy industrial contaminants. Once the reed bed lining works are completed, the bed can then planted with phragmites australis reeds which passes the oxygen down the rootzone. polluted water around the roots is then purified by the dense population of micro-organisms living in the rhizosphere (rootzone).

Our 3-Layer SEL Reed Bed Lining System Comprises

  • SELtex HD300 protection geotextile 
  • SELflex 1.0 PP welded impermeable membrane 
  • SELtex HD300 protection geotextile

Some common applications for Reed Bed treatment systems:

  • Produced water – hydrocarbon contaminated water from oil fields Domestic waste water (sewage and grey water) 
  • Mixed chemical industry contaminated water Coke oven effluent (Steel Works) 
  • Groundwater remediation Pesticides Landfill leachates Airports (fire training grounds & apron run-off) 
  • Service stations (oil interceptors, grey water and sewage) 
  • Composting leachate Agricultural washings