Skeletank® Drainage Solutions (links to external website)

Skeletank modular products and drainage systems have been specifically designed to provide flexible solutions that meet the requirements of all current legislation and guidance in respect of sustainable drainage systems (SuDS). Surface water drainage systems can be designed to provide both infiltration and attenuation.

Skeletank solutions are suitable for both pervious and impervious surfaces and also soft-landscaped areas. Because of their shallow nature, our systems are especially cost-effective where there are ground issues such as contamination, high water tables or underlying rock layers. The use of Skeletank systems may also assist with meeting the requirements of The Code for Sustainable Homes.

An innovative Source Control Solution for residential developments

Skeletank® systems provide solutions for the management of surface water runoff from residential developments. These systems meet the requirements of all current drainage legislation and guidance. The modular, lightweight and easily installed components are used to manage runoff within the boundaries of individual properties.

Reduced Drainage Works

These source control solutions allow developers to improve their cash-flow by significantly reducing expensive and time consuming up-front drainage works.

Design Flexibility

Skeletank® systems offer designers the opportunity to provide a bespoke, cost-effective solution to suit individual site requirements. Systems can be designed on a plot-by-plot basis to provide infiltration, attenuation or rainwater recycling options in combination with both pervious and impervious surfacing.


Skeletank® attenuation and infiltration systems assist developers and designers in meeting the requirements of Sur1. The inclusion of a Skeletank® rainwater recycling system can assist in attaining accreditation to Level 4 and above of The Code for Sustainable Homes. A Skeletank® rainwater recycling system may also provide an attractive benefit to potential purchasers.

Modular System

Skeletank® systems are suitable for new developments and are also ideal for the retro-fitting of SuDS measures to existing properties and housing estates. Their modular nature and shallow construction ensures a safe, cost-effective and rapid installation.

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Skeletank® Drainage Solutions (links to external website)