Drainage Solutions for Commercial Development

SEL have a wide range of Sustainable Drainage Solutions for Retail, Warehousing, Industrial,Leisure and School Developments as listed below:-

  • Car Park Drainage 
  • Roof Water Attenuation 
  • Soakaway & Infiltration 
  • Rain Water Recycling
  • Permeable Pavements
  • Impermeable Membranes
SEL Car Park Drainage System for Sustainable Drainage Suds Schemes

All the above solutions take advantage of the principles of Sustainable Drainage (SuDS) and where required will incorporate a series of treatment phases specifically developed to provide the ideal source control solution to meet the requirements of all current guidelines and legislation relating to SUDS. The main design principle of the SEL Source Control Systems is to use Source Control, a cornerstone of good Sustainable Design.

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Why Source Control?

Source Control is the treatment and controlled release of storm water runoff at or very near its source. Source Control is the preferred technique for the implementation of SUDS according to the Interim Code of Practice for Sustainable Drainage Systems, PPS25 and PPG3.

Techniques Considered

  1. The SEL Car Park Drainage System provides infiltration or attenuation, incorporating multiple stages of water treatment and flow control within the constructed layers of the car park and hardstandings, directly beneath the finished surface, more...

  2. The Roof Water Attenuation system comprises individual modular units assembled together to form an underground voided structure which can  soakaway or attenuate roof water. These structures are situated around the building and used to store and convey the run-off, more...

Permavoid Sub-base Replacement System

The Permavoid geocellular system is ideal for the management of surfacewater drainage attenuation, extends the choice and flexibility for sustainable drainage solutions (suds) by providing robust, effective source control through attenuation or soakaway at shallower levels.

Permavoid is designed to be used in place of a traditional aggregate sub-base within trafficked pavements and provides a unique high strength, consistent structural raft with all the associated benefits of highly voided modular geocellular structure.

Health & Safety

SEL Drainage Solutions can satisfy the designers’ statutory obligations as required by the Construction Design and Management (CDM) regulations. Using a SEL Drainage Solutions could help you avoid the risks inherent with traditional drainage systems such as:- Operatives working in deep excavations where there is risk of collapse Heavy lifting operations Operatives working within confined spaces Operatives exposure to contaminated sub-strata The SEL Source Control System avoids these foreseeable risks because it is shallow (generally less than 500mm deep), lightweight, installed above formation levels and contaminated zones.

Technical Services

To support architects, engineers and contractors in designing and installing the an SEL Drainage Solution, we can provide computer aided scheme design, hydraulic performance calculations and technical advice on products and installation. Supply and install packages are available for elements of the system. Information is available on request.