About SEL

The emergence of increasing legislation for the redevelopment of brownfield land provided the catalyst for the SEL Environmental (formerly the Civil Engineering Division of Site electrical Ltd) to become formally recognised as a dedicated sub-contractor working within the environmental sector since 1996. Initially working extensively within the landfill sector when Andy Shuttleworth took hold of the reins. Under Andy's control, SEL gained the necessary understanding and expertise to allow expansion to provide innovative gas protection measures relating to the redevelopment of contaminated land for industrial, commercial and residential use. SEL's expertise in welded membranes attracted opportunities in stormwater management (suds) when this market was in it's infancy some 10years ago. SEL worked with many of todays major drainage manufacturers to help develop their specific suds ranges. This expertise led to SEL's involvement in numerous CIRIA projects and the publication of several white papers. (listed below) SEL have developed a reputation to provide high quality systems and an all round service. SEL excel where the works aren't run of the mill and our engineering ability is put to the test to provide a technical solution.


Co-Author on the following published technical papers: -

  • The Next Generation of Oil Trapping Porous Pavement Systems
  • Recent Developments In Oil Degrading pervious Pavement Systems
  • Improving Sustainability
  • Flow resistance of panel of geosynthetic materials used for conveyance in stormwater source control
  • Design and performance of a passive dilution gas migration barrier
  • Performance of an oil interceptor incorporated into a pervious pavement

Steering group member of:

  • CIRIA Project RP637 Source control using constructed pervious surfaces, hydraulic, structural and water quality performance issues
  • CIRIA Project RP663 SUDS hydraulic, structural and water quality advice
  • CIRIA Project RP664 Model Agreements for sustainable water management systems
  • CIRIA Project RP697: SUDS updated guidance on technical design and construction
  • CIRIA Project RP698: SUDS – promoting good practice
  • CIRIA Project RP714 Biodiversity and Buildings
  • HR Wallingford Report SR656 The use of SUDS in high density developments
  • Registered inventor for; GB2366504, WO0220186, US2004028475, GB2366504, GB2395103 FLUID MOVEMENT APPARATUS, trade marked as Virtual Curtain

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